Cask Tales

Reviews by score

Here we present a list of all our reviews, arranged by the overall score that we gave each expression. When looking at whiskies, we believe our reviews as a whole are more important than any number (as we noted in describing how we assign scores), so don’t take this order as the be-all and end-all. If you want a quick idea of how we think various expressions compare, though, read on…*

96-100 – Transcendent 

91-95 – Sublime

86-90 – Exceptional

81-85 – Excellent

76-80 – Commendable

71-75 – Good

66-70 – Acceptable

61-65 – Potable 

56-60 – Forgettable
51-55 – Disappointing
46-50 – Unpleasant
41-45 – Offensive

0-40 – Undrinkable

* The procedure for breaking ties is to rank by taste, nose, balance and finish in that order. Failing that, we rank alphabetically!

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