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Consistently cracking – Glendronach Single Cask (2002)

Glendronach Single CaskThus far, we have reviewed two Glendronachs: their 12 year old, and their cask strength edition. Those two have made the distillery a firm Cask Tales favourite. So consistent is their whisky, so wonderfully sherried, so beautifully spiced that each and every release – for we have tried far more than two – is an unadulterated delight.

And so it continues with their single cask release from 2002. Not much, in actuality, needs to be said about this one that differs substantially from our previous two reviews: the nose offers the usual guard that one must break through; and once more, the rewards behind that guard are superb. Perhaps a touch more grape and a darker, more zesty and chocolatey orange lurk behind this one in comparison to the other two. The taste once more carries through a wonderful hit of liqueured orange, marmalade, sherry (of course!), grape, a touch of barely and apple, all of which combine in glorious fashion.

Another superb release from the Glendronach distillery; perhaps the most consistent that we have reviewed. The 12 year old scored 87 points, as did their cask strength. And this one? Well…

Nose 21 Taste 22 Finish 22 Balance 22

Overall 87

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