Cask Tales

Cask Tales v Jim Murray

Cask Tales v Jim Murray

This is a short post, really by way of an update to one a few months ago. When we reviewed Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2012(an invaluable addition to the whisky-lover’s bookshelf, by the way), we produced a little chart to examine the correlation between our opinions on whiskies.

In short, there was none.

(In long, there is actually a slight positive correlation, with a coefficient of determination of 0.1021, suggesting that – in a purely statistical sense – about 10% of the mark we give a whisky could be predicted by knowing the mark that Jim Murray gave it. Or, to put it another way, telling you absolutely nothing, other than that we don’t agree particularly much. See why I kept it short?)

Of course, this tells you nothing more than that opinions on whisky are highly subjective, and serves no purpose other than to highlight our love of absurd statistics and obsessive nature. Go and pour yourself a drink; it’s clearly about time we did…

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